If you’re wanting to hear a band or hire a band, check out The Tuxedo Cats!

The Tuxedo Cats offer a variety of styles and lineups, depending on your musical preference or the size and type of venue. While the primary format is classic rock and country, each member has played since childhood and can play most any genre. So everything from old to new, rock to country, jazz to ballads, blues to Motown are in play. You’ll enjoy the standard four piece band, or any number of variations and combinations, such as the three piece, two piece, or even solo performances.

You can count on a fun and dynamic live musical performance, professionalism on and off the stage, and a family friendly show. You’ll want to dance like nobody’s watching, and sing along at the top of your lungs!

Check the Events page and come hear The Tuxedo Cats any time you can! Thank You!