The Tuxedo Cats Approach

The Tuxedo Cats do everything within their ability to make the shows a family friendly environment. Then theres the music. Wow! Its going to be a great night out!

The Tuxedo Cats History

When these boys (average age is 58) started out, they were just looking for somebody who still enjoyed the music of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. As it turns out, the demand is high!

Todd and Mike met working in a Tyler band called Upscale in 2006, playing mostly jazz standards, dinner music and ballads. While a great band and an enjoyable experience, it was soon clear the rock kept trying to find it’s way into the set.

Todd formed the Tuxedo Cats as a three-piece variety band incorporating jazz, classic rock, country and rockabilly.

Mike soon joined, followed by Steve, and then Scotty. Tim Letch can fill almost any position needed when the band gets in a lurch!

Meet The Tuxedo Cats

If you find a group that is not only willing to get on board with your vision, but has the same goals independently, it creates a synergy that few are fortunate enough to ever experience.

Todd Rinlee

Founder, CEO, Guitarist, Vocalist 

Todd Rinlee is the “Man-Behind-The-Band”. His vision and daily workman-like dedication has kept the group working steadily since 2009. In addition to his leadership as a musician, he’s the manager, booking agent, and sound man for one of the most popular bands in East Texas. During the week, when he’s not booking a gig, promoting on social media, or rehearsing, Todd teaches guitar at Mundt Music of Tyler.

Mike Harper

Drums, Percussion, Vocals and Co-founder

Mike Harper – Drum Deputy, Vocals, Crazy Uncle! Mike is a song and dance man from the late 50s with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. A DJ by day and a grandpa at night. As the elder statesman of the Tuxedo Cats, Mike often offers sound advice to his younger bandmates to stay in school, floss often, and just say no to drugs. Mike teaches drums and percussion at Mundt Music of Tyler.

Steve Graham

Bassist, Vocalist

Steeeeeve Graham – Bass Boss, Vocals, and Rock Historian. From his long history as bassist for many popular local bands, touring bands and his extensive time managing and marketing music, Steve’s knowledge of music facts is unparalleled.. At least by anyone WE know! That combined with his knowledge of sports history, has earned him the name Steveopedia! Steve also teaches at Guitar Center in Tyler.

Scott Garrison

Piano, Keyboards,Vocals

Scotty G –  Astonishing Keys, Vocals, and Drone Operator! Star of Stage and Screen, Scott Garrisons musical resume is very impressive and quite humbling. A very humble man himself, he rarely reveals the giant names he’s performed with and simply gives his testimony about the love that fills his life currently. Operating CMS Recording Studio, World Ventures Travel Company, being husband and father in his beautiful family, and entertaining friends fills Scotty G’s days and nights.

Tim Letsch

Drums, Percussion, Vocals 

Tim Letsch – Death Defying Drums, Keys, and Vocals! Tim spends his weeks with his wonderful family and fulfilling the duties of Pastor at Crossroads Community Church.