Happy to Stay Busy!

Well as we make our way through 2021 we are so thankful that the right people were in the right places during 2020 and the work they did for us and with us in the past few years has helped us stay on our feet and prepared for an incredibly busy 2021. The original shape of The Tuxedo Cats has fallen into place and as we make our way into our tenth year, we look forward and pray for a bright future doing this thing we love and making lots of new friends on the way.

We’ve acquired a few new opportunities. One of those is a new venue called Krazy Cajun. You’ve probably heard of it by now, but we have been blessed by the help of Krazy Cajun to stay busy during 2020 when so many we’re looking for places to play. This excellent Cajun experience opened in early 2020 just as the pandemic was getting started. It was a scary time for us, and for Mr Tim who had put his time and resources into this dream of bringing his expertise of preparing the best Cajun entrées to east Texas. All this in an atmosphere that resembles a southern Louisiana Bayou. If you haven’t visited Krazy Cajun please do. Preferably on a Thursday night when Mike, Steve, and Todd will be playing, or on one of the Saturday nights when the complete Tuxedo Cats show is booked!